I'm sure many reading will agree with me on this... Photography is hard!

Being one of those things in life that you know for certain that you'll never fully master. I'm reminded this everyday after feeling a sense of accomplishment after a project. I soon realise that this feeling of fulfilment and prosperity will never go away, not in a million years - there's always something new out there!

It's this vision of a limitless landscape that has propelled me, and those same foreign landscapes I'm more than willing to throw myself into when I get too comfortable.

For the last few years this has been my mentality to not only photography but every creative endeavour in my life.

The majority of my professional work is portrait/fashion based though I'm always working on other areas outside of this zone.

Apart from professional projects I do love to work on as many personal projects as I can. I'm always looking people to be apart of social photo-series based around ordinary people from my local region of the Midlands (UK) so don't hesitate to contact me.

If you happen to be reading this I look forward to working, sharing, and expanding with you.