May 23rd 2019 | All Photos + Video shot by Ofilaye

ight so…

What do Grime rappers, dead ducks, and soggy fabric have in common?

Fuck all. Though it makes a great introduction. On May 19th 2019 I and organised a hangout at the Bass’s Recreational ground in Derby. We called out for musicians, rappers, and other creative types to open up their souls and hang out with us on a murky spring Sunday. Roh supplied the music, I supplied the fabric, and Bass’ Rec supplied us the setting.

The plan - to blast music load enough to disorient people just enough for them to not notice the click of my shutter.

Park Party Flyer.

Putting on events is waaaaaaay more difficult than you think. “Ohhh a flashy poster, I‘m sure that will garner a lot of people’s attention” I thought to my self as I added the final touches to my colour-pop masterpiece. Well I was right, it did garner attention, though people actually turning up, not so much. Even my attempt at putting ‘food’ on the flyer - with no actual interest of bringing any - failed to attract the masses to join in the festivities.

That being said we did get a solid turn out of people who came.

Aye Garde

Rohit Assi





Lamar Trey


Manny Marko



What you’re about to see are photo + videos of the day. I wasn’t really expecting it to become a photo series like it did which is great because now it has inspired me to make more posts like this. They show a super interesting insight into the shoots I work on.


Roheed ( and I arrived early to scout for places to set up the set. After a 30 minute battle with lights stands and wind we settled in-between a few trees. Roh captured everything throughout the day incognito on his GoPro

Rapper Junior was the first to arrive. We shot around the park coming across, dead duck remains and bird poo covered tree branches.

Ay up, me duck? testing out the sound system.

Film student Rohit Assi and Rapper Aye Garde rolled through to check what we were up to… just when the rain started to also roll in.


Good Batch clothing owner Yorkz thought we were gypsies moving into the area.

Luckily we weren’t and came over to get a photo.

Impromptu Group shot | Cizz, Karnage,, Aye Garde, Rohit.

Battle MC Cizz and Derby veteran rapper Karnage also came down.

“ [jokingly] With my emo hair. Someones gotta fill the emo rapper void in Derby [Laughs]”

- Cizz

Beatbox, rapper, producer, breakdancer, and Rocket League beast - Lamar Trey showed face.

So did beast rapper Manny ‘marxist’ Marko. Cizz, Lamar Trey, Beetone, and Shakeel.

Beetone showed us his mad personality!

Climbing over the set for a photo!

Cizz, Lamar Trey, Beetone, Shakeel, Karnage

The day ended with a sick cypher in the skatepark bowl!

Cizz, Lamar Trey, Beetone, Karnage filming for a cypher.