Rojo Sol

Dust over Derby.

On the 16th of October 2017, one of the most incredible sights I’ve ever seen was brought to my attention as I opened the curtains in the morning.

An orange fog-like mist blanketed everything before my eyes. Only faint shapes of houses and lampposts could be made out, the most prevalent feature being a deep saturated ball of orange sat in the sky surrounded by a sea of a a more subtle orange.

Hurricane Ophelia had brought the Sahara dessert to my hometown and I was loving it. Throughout the entire day I had my camera on a tripod looking out the window to photograph the sun as its level of intensity changed depended on how much dust covered it. Using different White Balance and Aperture settings I was able to get various ‘looks’ of the sun, for example when there was a break in the dust cloud the sun intensified and I was able to stop the aperture down to make the background almost complexity black leaving a deep orange marble floating in a sea on black. On the opposite side when the cloud was blanketing thick and heavy I was able to warm the white balance up to create deep orange hues.

You can see six of the resulting images above.